Recap: Ryan McGinness "Geometric Primitive" at Pace Primitive Gallery

By - Monday, April 2nd, 2012

This weekend Ryan McGinness debuted his latest body of work, Geometric Primitives, at Pace Primitive Gallery. In this exhibition McGinness references the aesthetics of African art. Finding inspiration in tribal masks and ritual symbols he translates ancient imagery into his unique language of screen printed drawings, paintings, and prints. The curatorial decision to display his contemporary works adjacent to the African art that inspired it was refreshing. Pace Primitive is an art gallery established in 1971 to display tribal art pieces from the Pace Gallery collection. Upon his exploration of the Pace Primitive art collection, New York artist Ryan McGinness blended his black light and vinyl art stylings with tribal inspiration for the Geometric Primitives solo exhibition. The reduction of the human figure historically found in African art profoundly influenced Modern art. It was a smart and interesting source for the artist to pull from as his works have always been composed of solid simplified shapes and geometric forms. Geometric Primitives will be showing at Pace Primitive Gallery through May 5th, and is definitely worth checking out. Ryan McGinness will also be having a show titled Women: Sketches & Solutions opening at Gering & Lopez Gallery May 3. Photo: Marcos Enrique

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