Recap: "Snowblind" Presented by Carnage and Making Deals Zine at Klughaus Gallery

By - Monday, February 20th, 2012

Despite the unseasonably mild winter we’ve had, Friday’s stellar turnout at Klughaus Gallery proved New Yorker’s still crave that briskness. The gallery’s latest group show, Snowblind, curated by Carnage and Making Deals Zine was a pleasant reminder of the grit and beauty of winter in the city. The photography-centric show featured artists that depicted a surprising array of urban eras, from Martha Cooper’s 1970s NYC-street photos which included a shot of a mustached Salvador Dali riding a sleigh through a snowy and idyllic Central Park, to director Alexander Richter’s more contemporary and jarring black and white photo of an armed rapper. Continue to Page 2… {pagebreak} Steven Siegel’s blue-toned photograph of a snow-covered entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge had a dream-like quietness, and his shots of pre-Giuliani Times Square post-blizzard were a sort of mini urban history lesson. Siegel’s photos mixed well with skateboarder Ian Reid’s contemporary black and white snapshot of a hooded man whose jacket had blasted open by a cold burst of wind. Reid’s snowy Chinatown landscape filtered through a special lens made all the Chinatown trucks look toy-like. It was this idea of fondness and nostalgia for a snowy and more severe winter that reoccurred throughout the show. Interlaced in Snowblind were classic winter graffiti street shots from Carnage creator Ray Mock, Graham Shimberg, and Bob Barry. There were clever and subtle connections to winter like Michael Fales’s photograph of a city sanitation worker buffing a Bonus fill-in where the white chemicals used to spray clean the wall puddled up on the sidewalk resembling snow. A slew of Chicago-based photographers also exhibited work including Oscar Arriola, Brian Hagy, and Amado de Leon, whose flash-heavy photos reminded us of Bruce Gilden. A display of liquor bottles repurposed into snow globes were hand drawn with cityscapes by artist Mike P., and Jesse Edwards’s “Winter Activities” oil painting was a humorous take on what one does when stuck inside during a snow day. Continue to Page 3… {pagebreak} Premiering at the show was the newest issue of Carnage zine by Ray Mock featuring handstyle powerhouse ATM Crew. Collectors were seen scooping up multiple copies of the nicely packaged limited edition zine featuring Sure, Faust, Dceve, Kosbe, Overconsume, and Ader. Special Snowblind zine editions were also available from Making Deals and The Old New York. Snowblind is on view through Sunday, March 4th. Stop by the gallery to view the show and pick up a limited edition zine. Snowblind at Klughaus Gallery 47 Monroe Street, NYC Gallery Hours: Thursday thru Friday 1-7pm, Saturday thru Sunday, 12-6pm Text: Heather Schmidt Photo: Oscar Arriola

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