Recap: Stephanie Buer and Linnea Strid "A Quiet Place" at Thinkspace Gallery

By - Monday, March 11th, 2013

On March 2, Culver City’s Thinkspace Gallery held the opening exhibition of “A Quiet Place,” a group show featuring the work of Stephanie Buer and Linnea Strid. The common theme of the show was solitude and while both women displayed their own interpretation of the word, the two shared the ability to create hyper-realistic work. Using photographs, Stephanie Buer’s art explored solitude through abandoned cityscapes recreated desolate areas using charcoal or paint. Her pieces show once great buildings now forgotten that have been ravished by time and graffiti. However dilapidated the scenes may be, Stephanie is able to expose the beauty of the area. Swedish based artist, Linnea Strid focused on characters exposing raw emotions through a series of portraitures. In “Embraced by the Silence,” a woman sits in a tub with her eyes cast away. Linnea is able to convey a mood of loneliness and vulnerability. In the piece, Linnea’s work is incredibly detailed. Everything from the blonde’s scalp to her eyelashes seem lifelike. A majority of her pieces placed her subjects in water allowing her to play with movement and color. “A Quiet Place,” forced gallery attendees to do a double take and question their vision as to make sure they weren’t actually looking at photographs. The show will remain on display at Thinkspace Gallery until March 23. Text: Keisha Raines Photo: Birdman

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