Recap: Go Skateboarding Day NYC

By - Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Following up yesterday’s post on Go Skate Day marking the first day of summer, 12oz crew member Brian Kelley followed the mob throughout the streets. “It was complete chaos, people were genuinely scared. People running off the streets and sidewalks to find safety on their stoops, traffic at a stand still, bikers and pedestrians getting frustrated. Taking to the streets from the LES park and crossing over the Williamsburg Bridge felt just like the opening scene to “Hot Chocolate“. Slowly coming around a corner to take the bridge for ourselves. No one else was getting on or off it, and if you were already on it, you weren’t moving. Arriving at McCarren Park, everyone was greeted by at least three or four Red Bulls with their name on it. Everyone now charged up by the Red Bull, were all eager to start up the long ollie contest. With minuets left on the permit for the day, they stepped it up to the previous record of 21 boards. Try after try people failed, then Louis stepped it up and after giving it a few go’s landed the ollie taking home the 1K prize. Now seconds left on the permit, the 5boro truck pulled up and unloaded the massive amount product put up by CCS, 5Boro, Volcom, and Vans. All in all it was a pretty fun day. Big thanks to Steve Rodriguez and all the sponsors that made the day possible.

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