ReCap: Throwdown In The Boogie Down

By - Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Pure authentic street culture is something that is hard to find nowadays, but that is exactly what you would have witnessed this past saturday at Tuff City Bronx. The “Throwdown In The Boogie down” was a meeting of two seemingly disparate but actually closely related forms of street culture, that being the graffiti community and the bike messenger community. The link between the two can be traced back to Taki 183 who himself was actually a NYC foot messenger himself, with the work of Stoned Tone and Fil Kd this connection is being renewed. Stoned Tone is a Veteran NYC bike messenger who organizes alley cats through out NYC during the year, and Fil Kd is the manager of Tuff City Styles. The two have used their prominence in their respective communities to help form a new bond between graffiti and bike messengers. Tone who in addition to working messenger is also a d.j. has strong roots in hip hop and graffiti and Fil Kd has been embraced by the whole messenger community. The race itself was a tribute to the Bronx and to hip hop culture with check points located at historically significant areas of the Bronx in regards to the hip hop/graf culture. Crihs Shirc would win the race as he continues to have a dominating year winning just about every major alley cat this year and Austin Horse came in second, while Shannon Murray won it on the ladies side. The top three finishers all received Chrome messenger bags specially customized by the legendary Cope2. The after party took place in the back yard of Tuff City Bronx and featured BBQ and beer while watching the whole 156 Crew throw up several new pieces on the walls. The sponsors of the event were, The Grime, Chari&Co, Bushwick bike shop, Affinity, 718 cyclery, Tuff City and Chrome bags. You can catch Tone on the street just holla at him and find out where the next race is or check him out online at You can catch Fil at either The Bronx or LES Tuff City locations to buy a mop, some Montana 94, get a new tat or just look around the shop. This was a really great event that everyone in attendance enjoyed, so Fil and Tone lets do it again so this bond can become even stronger. Text: : Leonard Swann

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