Video: Redux Graphic Series #2 - 123 Klan The 20th Anniversary

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Check out video from 123 Klan’s 20th Anniversary presented by the limited edition paper magazine Redux. 30 world renown heavy hitters came for the jam outside the Morgan L station in Brooklyn to get down nearly around an entire block. The event was organized secretly by Scien as a surprise for Klor, with Mick Larock, Cope2, Dabs Myla, Kem5, Rath, Sye TC5, Acid, Wen TC5, The Yok, Sebs, Brus, Yes, Wane, Deck2, Sen2, Owns, Logek, Teck, Kid Crap, Regie, Nychos, Most, Flying Fortress, Signal, Sheryo, The Yok, Hef and more all getting down. The event coincided with Bushwick’s Open Studios and gets a lot of looks in the up and coming artists’ neighborhood. In addition to the video, check out Martha Cooper’s photo coverage here!

123Klan 20th Anniversary,
Scien & Klor,
Martha Cooper,

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