Resoner Hosts a Graffiti Summer Jam in Toulouse, France

By - Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Resoner recently hosted an event in Toulouse, France in which many of his friends from all over Europe came to paint a whole factory inside and out in celebration of the summer. There were a very long list of writers who attended and worked on the project, notably Ogre from Chile, Dibo, Pariz, Tilt, Opium, Mist, Gomer, Sarin, Does, Der, Katre, Demon, Brok, Sheuda, Zeus, Snake, Moun, Tonce, Lenz, Rekor, Ekors, Teoz, Reks, Ja, Depon, Shefi, Ocre, Seth, Azek, Den Cade, Mate, Chiquita, Danjer, Le Desert, Nes, Sack, Geb, 100Taur, Veks, Dely, Sherio, Metro, Sike, Trist, Tras, Seize, Rockse, Rpes, Xerou, Mezy, Spot and Kaize. Along with Benjamin Laporte they produced this exciting video documenting the events. Although there are no english subtitles, this video speaks volumes in the international language of well-executed graffiti art. Enjoy the video above. Source: MTN World

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