Rest In Peace Dr. Socrates

By - Sunday, December 4th, 2011

On and off the field, former Brazil star Socrates stood out above the rest. His elegant style and his deep involvement with politics made him a unique figure in Brazilian soccer, setting him apart from the players of his time and even of today. He was mostly known for captaining Brazil at the 1982 World Cup, regarded by many as the best team ever not to win football’s showcase tournament. But he also was widely known for his heavy drinking, which he publicly admitted caused the health problems which eventually helped lead to his death on Sunday. Grotesk reflects on his fond memories of Brazilian Soccer Superstar Dr. Socrates. “When I played soccer as a kid I was always in love with the Brazil team (and still to this day). Socrates was one of their best player and my favorite one. I didn’t miss one game of the world cup played by the Seleção during Espana “82. That summer he did the most incredible moves and scored perfect goals. I had a chance to see him play against Switzerland in the mid 80’s in Basel and I kept great memories of that game. Socrates became a doctor after is soccer career and a big political activist in Brasil. He was a really smart gentleman. He had one problem. He loved to drink and smoke so much even when he was a professional player. That lead him to major health problem and ultimately to his death. REST IN POWER doctor Socrates.” -Grotesk

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