Rest In Peace: Prince Dock

By - Sunday, July 29th, 2012

On July 19th I heard from a friend in Montreal that one of Montreal’s most notorious graffiti artists had passed away. Prince Dock was more than just your average graffiti artist and was a legend in the graffiti world. He was extremely active in the Montreal graffiti scene and was somewhat of a legend when it came to both skill and character. The number of stories surrounding this man are countless and they seem to get better every time we hear them. This next story comes courtesy of Mook Life and “Societys Disease”.
“Unfinished AMT clean train done to the north of Montreal. We were about ten deep that night, with a pretty solid plan to hit some passenger cars. I’m on the end train doing my panel next to Dock and Crer when I suddenly hear someone creeping up slowly. Next thing I know, train police cars screech up and officers pop out of the bushes surrounding us. We narrowly escape and run wildly into this forest that borders the layup and somehow manage to disperse. An open field separated the forest we were hiding in from the spot where we parked our cars. We all start getting nervous as we see flashlight beams scanning the trees and the sound of barking dogs closing in on our hiding spot. As I’m cursing to myself and praying to God I won’t spend the next few days in a holding cell, I suddenly hear police yelling and scrambling in the open field that borders the forest. To my disbelief, I see Dock pulling some NFL football moves with about 10 police officers. Homeboy is out in the open doing 360′s while running and dodging a whole unit of cops trying to tackle him down. No word of a lie, I can’t believe my eyes as cops are flying left and right trying to pin him down but all fall flat on their face while Dock jumps around like a ninja on crack. I take advantage of the situation and run deeper into the forest without being seen in order to get the fuck out of dodge. After about five hours of running through bushes, swimming in rivers and sneaking on highway routes, I managed to make it back safely to the city. As the adrenaline wears down, all I can think about is Dock playing John Madden football with the whole train police unit. Turns out that most of the people got caught that night, but Dock was one of the only ones that made it out alive. At one point his legs even gave in and he had to roll around underneath the trains non-stop while the cops were still chasing him by foot. An escape story worthy of Harrison Ford in ‘The Fugitive’. Real ninjas do real things.” This is a classic Dock story and has always been one of my favorite. It would be very hard to get into a conversation with someone who knew Dock well without hearing a great story that gets a good laugh and leaves you shaking your head in amazement. Dock’s the type of guy who takes all the risks and it always pays off in the end.
Whether it’s a burner, a throwie or a piece if it was put up by Prince Dock it’s always going to look amazing. Here are just a few examples of his handiwork. (Photo Credit to Bombing Science and Mook Life)
Repose en paix.
Scaner Memorial Piece
Tyke Memorial Piece

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