Review: VNA Magazine Issue 20

By - Saturday, November 10th, 2012

From humble beginnings, the quarterly magazine started off as a hand-made, black and white photocopied graff zine. VNA was George Macdonald taking flicks of graff and street art in Clerkenwell, London and the early issues were handed out free at art events. Six years later and VNA have released their twentieth issue and have had graff and street art legends such as The London Police, Kid Acne, Roa, D*Face and Invader grace their front covers. This issue is their biggest ever, and has 164 pages of graff, street art and illustration for your peepers. Retna is the cover artist for this particular release and there are three different issue covers for you to try to get your mitts on; a black and white cover from VNA stockists, a gold cover which is exclusive to VNA subscribers and their online store and a limited screen printed edition. Inside you can expect to find interviews from artists all over the world; Retna, Smash137, Neckface, Will Robson-Scott, Craola (Greg Simkins), Above, Ben Frost, Guy McKinley, Josh Keyes, Ozmo, Pam Glew and DeeDeeKid all feature in this jam-packed issue. As the names dropped suggest, VNA aim to please and their magazines cover a range of styles from all city taggers to surrealist painters. My favourite part of every VNA magazine is the last section. At the back you will find pages filled with graff and street art from different parts of the world. Issue 20 covers Granada, Valencia and as with every copy, you get your fill of London graff too. From stickers and tags to paste ups and murals, it’s all covered. The older VNA magazines were predominantly photos as oppose to interview heavy, and as a fan of the handmade zine this part of VNA appeals to me the most. Issue 20 was released last month and you can grab a copy from VNA’s store here. You can also purchase back issues of the magazine or you can sign yourself up for a year’s subscription which will also get you a free t-shirt designed by a VNA featured artist.

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