Revok & Omens for Modest Skate Shop Chicago

By - Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Recently I was lucky enough to come across Modest Skate Shop just outside Chicago and sat down with the owners for the inside scoop. Modest inc. is located at 7416 Madison St. in Forest Park IL. Owned and operated by Matt Ward and Danny Murillo, they’ve been in their current location since December of 2011. Matt originally opened up Modest in Berwyn, IL. Meanwhile, Danny was moving paint on the low to keep it flowing past the citywide ban and into the hands of the deserving. About 2 years ago Matt was approached by Danny to join forces in an effort to cater to the needs of local writers and skaters. This alliance formed the current manifestation of Modest Inc. Careful to carry the brands that have a solid rep, while showing love for the area’s up and coming artists, this shop’s owners go to great lengths to keep up with the pulse of what is authentic. Brands created by skaters for skaters like Huf, Toy Machine, Grizzly, Shake Junt and Foundation are just the tip of the apparel iceberg. The store also stocks Herschel Supply, Vans, Supra, Adidas, The Quiet Life, Mighty Healthy, Benny Gold, Snack, Deathwish, Low Card, Mishka and many others. They keep neighborhood heads plugged hard. Carrying product by local board companies like Character and Blue Town, along with having local writers like JASH help design Modest’s own product line (which is dope), are just a few minor examples of how they rep the local area. Contributing to the design and production end of things are the creative minds of Jesus Arellanes and Frank Verges who are long time friends of Matt’s. Jesus helps run the skate program along with Matt and the shop has a team of riders consisting of Julien Izaguirre, Mike Batista, Mike Leary, Duey Chandler, and Sean Cullen, amongst others. They’ve just finished their video, Modest Mixtape with an appearance by Chaz Ortiz. Catch up with them on all the fun little social networking sites for a release date at their Facebook page or on Twitter. To keep the city looking it’s best, Danny sponsors local DC5 crew along with MSK cats, POSE and OMENS. He also works with area business owners to arrange production walls. The shop is stocked with Ironlak, Kolour, German and Spanish Montana, as well as assorted markers by Krink, all at prices that put any place I’ve ordered from to shame. If your looking to place a nice sized phone order, they’ve got you covered. There are plans for an online store coming soon that will also price match, not that they need to. Stay tuned for upcoming shows at the shop from REVISE, KANE, OMENS, COVE, JASH, MELON and King ARK of KYM. I caught up with Danny at Damen and Fulton while REVOK, EVER, OMENS and TRAV all threw down on their finishing touches. Visual mayhem ensued. Check the following pics from ASEND, JASH, EVER, OMENS, TRAV, REVOK and JONSKI.

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