5 Minutes in Dortmund – Revolutionary Political Graffiti in Germany

By - Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

5 Minutes is a video series from the German graffiti website I Love Graffiti who has put together 10 episodes of train writing in different manifestations from many different international artists so far. In this video, they bring us a new trend in graffiti in Dortmund that puts aside the normal ego of artists only writing their name and crew and focuses exclusively on ideas and political statements. This movement in the genre can be described as “Truther” graffiti. Being a “Truther” commonly means that an individual believes there is a hidden truth behind topics such as key historical events, systems of government, private groups and environmental conditions. Some of these topics include the events of 9/11, The plan for a fascist world government through the U.N. and NATO, the creation and actions of the Federal Reserve and Bilderberg group, and the covert spraying of chemicals on the public through “chem-trails” in the sky. Whether you are a truther or not, this evolution in the art of graffiti is quite significant as the power of political speech through graffiti is shown here to be extremely powerful and potentially politically game changing. With a rich history of political statements in the history of New york City graffiti from Mico’s famous “Hang Nixon” message to Spin’s “Dump Koch” (and who could forget “Koch Blew Sane 182”) it’s exciting to see these politically charged writers crushing clean trains in Germany. Text: VaporsIgnite Source: I Love Graffiti

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