Recap: Victor Reyes "The Jungle" At Known Gallery

By - Monday, March 26th, 2012

Saturday marked the opening of Victor Reyes’ second solo exhibition at Known Gallery in Los Angeles. “The Jungle” showcases a visually fantastic display of technicolor filigree shapes and lettering. Stylistically true to form, Reyes’ current body of work explores a broader range of vivid color schemes and comes across looser in form; the brush strokes appear soft and fluid in contrast to his mural work. Pieces exhibiting a juxtaposition of geometry and flowing lacework intermingled with panels that showed a more painterly approach, many exposing imagery of cats and owls. Smaller panels with carefully painted hollow individual letter forms stood out in stark form against solid back grounds of bright primary colors. Swirls and waves revealing foliage, skulls, and flowers popped off of the flat white walls, in turn reflecting brightly off of the high gloss white floors that cover the gallery floor. The central focus of the exhibition certainly had to be the large “Quilt” installation which was comprised of 46 individually painted mixed media wood panels, each two feet high and eighteen inches across. The installation took over the entire length of the left wall inside Known Gallery, easily compelling the guests to endlessly stare at the numerous meticulously hand painted and boundlessly detailed rectangles. Complimentary to Reyes’ beautiful and subtle departure from his more commonly observed mediums, photographer Dylan Maddux shared a body of photographs entitled “Cambodia” in the secondary show room; the exhibition will remain until April 7th, 2012. Text: Kelso Photo: Sunny Phono

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