Rime "Arrest Sheet" Print Release from 1xRUN

By - Friday, February 8th, 2013

It’s no secret that MSK (and everyone else) has been smashing Detroit for a while now. Arrest Sheets, the latest print release by 1xRUN is the result of Rime’s travels through the city in 2011 where he stumbled upon the abandoned Highland Park Police station complete with it’s criminal records strewn about the floor. While public availability of private records is typical of Detroit abandonment, Rime saw the potential in such a stash to become art. Scheduled to drop this Friday, February 8th at high noon, the print set (actually 2 sets) is available in Felony and Misdemenor editions and is comprised of these found arrest records with pen and ink overdrawing. 1xRUN has been kind enough to share images of this release with 12ozProphet. More than merely a collection of graffiti prints, Arrest Sheets has extra touches such as antiqued arrest sheet folders, a fax cover sheet signed by Rime and 1xRUN, and comes housed in a Highland Park Police Arrest Sheet binder. In an interview conducted by 1xRUN regarding his Arrest Sheet prints, Rime says “I came across the Highland park arrest sheets in 2011, a year before the Detroit Beautification Project began. Revok had recently moved to Detroit and invited Roids and I out to make art for the 2011 Perseverance art show. While on that trip we came across the police station before it was torn down. Then the portfolio sets and sheets were finalized and everything was assembled and embellished over the past 2 months. I usually work on 10 to 15 drawings at a time, kept in a stack. I would flip through and work on one until I hit a wall, then flip to the next and so on. With these it would take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks to complete one. ”

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