Rollers distance from Bowery and Houston intersection by 2dx crew

By - Monday, April 20th, 2015

Sirens fill the air, cops everywhere and a full moon lights the night sky. How’s that for a scene to knock out a rooftop roller? Not to mention, it’s only 5 storefronts from the infamous Bowery Wall on the Lower East Side of Manhattan: Houston/Bowery. Yup, you know the one! Some of the greats have painted there: Revok & Pose, How n Nosm, etc.

Dek from the 2dx Crew had his mind set that this rooftop spot was as good as his. This approximately 20′ x 20′ spot took him 2 to 3 hours to finish, using all oil paint. “It dripped like crazy!”

I got a chance to catch up with Dek to find out more:

Why this spot?

“It’s really visible from the street. And it’s a chill spot I can go to day or night.”

Who helped knock it out?

 “Just me, I like to paint alone. Gives me a sense of accomplishment. I’m on my own time frame. And I normally paint really fast. Helps me stay in the zone. I plan things out in my head so I don’t haveta depend on someone to get it done.”

So in other words, if you set your mind to it, the possibilities are endless!

Thanks, Dek!

Photos by carnagenyc

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