Roundup: Urban Nation PM8 in Berlin

By - Friday, July 3rd, 2015


The final round up of our recap from all the murals and panels being painted during Urban Nation‘s Project M8 in Berlin, Germany curated by Stolenspace Gallery last month. The results did not disappoint as the streets were decorated with the art of  almost every major contemporary artist that has worked through the gallery over the years. Check out our post on Shepard Fairey’s mural here. Line up included: CYRCLETHE LONDON POLICESHEPARD FAIREYD*FACEMISS VANHERAKUTCYRCLESNIKELLELORA ZOMBIE, CASE MACLAIM and THIAGO GOMS. We got to hang with everyone outside of painting too so we hope you enjoy our fun recap of creative friends hanging out enjoying Berlin too. Stay tuned for more photos of Birman‘s trip to Berlin. 

_MG_0706Rabi of Cyrcle by Word to Mother.

_MG_0712Word to Mother looking over plans with Dface.

_MG_0803Shepard talking with D*Face and Word to Mother.

_MG_0815Elle working.

_MG_0830Word to Mother’s mural. 

_MG_0967D*Face mural.

_MG_1373Maya Mayuk’s plans.

_MG_1644Word to Mother working on his mural.


2015-06-16 15.24.17-2Birdman, Word to Mother, & D*Face

_MG_1767 _MG_1829Herakut working on his panel. 

_MG_1871 _MG_1878 _MG_1896 _MG_1947The London Police about to start their panel. 

_MG_2003 _MG_2051Word to Mother giving Dan from Obey a tattoo. 

_MG_2076Word to Mother giving Rabi of Cyrcle a tattoo.

_MG_2064 _MG_2092Dinner night with everyone.

2015-06-18 22.00.43


_MG_2181 _MG_2188 _MG_2198 _MG_2215 _MG_2262 _MG_2365 _MG_2427 _MG_2522


_MG_2418 _MG_2873 _MG_2414 _MG_2893 _MG_2456Evoke1



 _MG_2920The London Police

_MG_2998Miss Van



_MG_2405_MG_1854_MG_3308-HDR_MG_3309-HDR_MG_3287-HDRMaya Hayuk

_MG_2341-HDRWord to Mother, Cyrcle, D*Face, Obey


Words and pics: Birdman 

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