Sacer Irak

By - Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

I flicked this Sacer Irak tag fading away on a roof top in Chinatown. It was an eerie yet comforting feeling that this dude once roamed these same damn streets of New York City. The streets stay the same, gems fade away or get cleaned, and people get forgotten. It was like time had stopped on this rooftop. 

There’s no doubt about it that Sacer was a wild boy! I’m talking about he’s one of three people to hit the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m talking about he’s done jail time. I’m talking about him making the front of the papers (after his Brooklyn Bridge joint) for flinging glass etch liquid at people and on fancy pants boutiques. A wildin’ uncensored youth for sure.  

Besides destroying shit and getting on Vandal Squad’s Most Wanted list at some point, he made beautiful things at the same time. Sacer was a a talented artist. At a young age he started taking photos. Under his other alias, Dash Snow, is where you can truly see his art and photography shine. He photographed graffiti, friends, family, his environment, and simply the way he lived his reckless life. He’s even said he started taking photos for the simple fact that he wouldn’t remember anything from the night before. You may say his works were violent, obscene or sexual. Like taking a dump or smearing his semen on the faces of politicians on newspapers. But damn, that’s wassup. As it should be, his art was an extension of himself and what he believed in and didn’t believe in. 

I don’t think Sacer wanted the party to ever end. After a long time living it up, hard drugs, liquor and sexual adventures, it unfortunately caught up to him. It was evident that he had a troubled soul. On July 13th, 2009 his lifeless body was found in his hotel room, dead from an overdose just days away from his 28th birthday. Life is crazy. It’s just pleasant to think about how he lived how he wanted, and made something of it. He’s definitely up there in my top 5 favorite artists, in both art forms. RIP you beautiful fool.

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