SAEIO Video Series: Tagg 1-3

By - Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

As the blurb for his new book Le Livre reads, “several succeeding generations have established rather clear limits to graffiti. However at all times, a certain number of these graffiti writers have been interested in testing its limits individually or collectively.Saeio stands a writer intent on not necessarily breaking boundaries, but testing possibilities. 

Coming from a scene / city / lifestyle that is readily known for its acceptance and promotion of creative ideas (Paris), Saeio personifies what I most distinctly love about graffiti, the purity of its spirit. Whilst street art makes a constant oft-contrived point of the political need to put art-on-the-street, graffiti is quieter, more inclusive about its thought processes and actions. To me graffiti gets on with it whilst street art shouts about what its doing. 

We must introduce the videos first. They are of Saeio putting up three tags, but in terms of graffiti in the traditional sense that is really where it ends and where Saeios (and wider PAL crew affiliates styles) really come into their own. Graffiti rests on the idea that every voice is as equal as the advertising billboards that pretend to take precedent, and whilst the visual and action-al element of the culture is aimed outwards, Saeio / PAL’s work seems more inwardly focused – it’s less about the connection to a specific letter based style, but more about how that letter based foundation can be used to release a deeper, more energetic and looser being whilst still being firmly under the guise of graffiti. 

Where others take care to use spray paint as a name maker, Saeio sees fit to use spray paint as a mark maker – and develop that as his name. 

What do you think? Is Saeio fully exploring the properties of spray paint and it’s affiliated crime or is it just arty bollocks. 

You can support his new book (and get rewards) here 


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