San Pedro, Costa Rica : Neighborhood Walls

By - Monday, December 14th, 2015

What’s good 12oz readers? We’re reporting once again from the land of pura vida. Here we are in this very cool area called San Pedro. One of the most liberal sectors in the capital city of San Jose. There are two major universities located in this area, along with several other smaller ones. There’s an abundance of hippies here, same-sex couples lounge freely, activists stay active in public. There’s a million places to eat and drink. Each suburb is set up so that there is a park every few blocks or so, and usually the walls are completely riddled. We took a walk around to document the place.

Graffiti has completely taken over the surfaces of San Pedro. Here’s where you can see street art evolve. You can find anything from the sickest of handstyles to the most complex wheatpaste. Pieces are always complemented with crazy characters. Throwups and tags are all over the place. This is great for the growing graffiti scene, giving out lots of material for inspiration. 

Local and international artists come through and paint without a hassle.  The aesthetics of the neighborhood reflect the amount of work that has been put in. Because of the universities close by, the streets are full of people commuting in every direction. Meaning that most of the high-quality art was done in the comfort of day time, allowing the artist to input as much detail as possible.

Several hip hop events have been held in the zone. Here’s a few shots from what’s left over  from 2013’s “Buscando La Raiz” festival, held in this parking lot. Stay tuned for more international graffiti. 

Featured artist include 

SDA: Kech, Jacs, Desk, Dash

THC: Mush, Kien, Sonar, MauBCO, Negus






Chris Dyer




Ash GC

Mach GAC

Luitico NP

Words and pictures by Fusek619

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