Sean Taylor tribute mural defaced and quickly restored

By - Monday, April 20th, 2015

If you follow football, there is a good chance you know of Redskin’s Safety Sean Taylor. Arguably the best safety the Redskin’s have ever had, Taylor was a favorite amongst fans and was a skilled player with two Pro Bowl’s under his belt, as well as other honors such as 2003’s Big East Defensive Player of the Year. He was destined to have a good career in football.

But unfortunately, his life was cut short. On November 26th 2007, Sean was shot in the upper leg in his house during a robbery. The bullet hit Sean’s femoral artery. By the time he reached the hospital, he had lost a large amount of blood and died 3 hours later at 3:30am on November 27th. On November 30th, four people were arrested and charged with armed burglary and felony second degree murder. The entire Washington D.C. area mourned Taylor’s death.

Many people posted pictures of Sean and tweeted their condolences to his family, but probably the most famous tribute to Sean Taylor was painted by D.C. graffiti legend CERT. The tribute piece popped up overnight on the walls outside of the Brookland metro station. The piece was highly respected by all. Those who took the metro home every night and passed it were reminded of the man whose life was cut too short. The piece remained untouched until someone went over it with a political message and a website URL. The person who painted the message obviously did not evaluate the situation before he or she did defaced the mural. This individual spelled “Government wrong” and because a URL was tagged, this person can be directly linked to the crime.

Obviously many people were outraged that this tribute to a D.C. legend had been vandalized (some found it ironic that people were freaking out about graffiti being vandalized by more graffiti) and many left nasty messages on the the mural vandal’s twitter and website. Many people hoped for someone to come and fix the piece up. A few days later, their prayers were answered. D.C. graffiti artists NEHI, KUTHE, SER and CERT came back to restore the mural and it looks as good as new. I’m sure many people, including myself, are happy that there are writers out there who are willing to keep pieces like this running.

12oz would like to give a special shoutout to NEHI, KUTHE and SER for fixing possibly the most famous piece of graffiti in D.C. right now. Here’s to another 8 years (and hopefully more) of Sean Taylor’s name serving as an iconic part of Washington D.C.’s graffiti history.

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