Sean Price interviews Harry Fraud for HipHopDX

By - Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Sean Price is sitting in as an editor for HipHopDX this week. We’ve already noticed that he’s taken over their Twitter, but he is also conducting interviews, premiering music and videos and posting other great features on behalf of HipHopDX. Sean P sits down with producer Harry Fraud, in what Fraud deems as “the best interview I’ve ever done,” to discuss everything from Surf School, the story behind “La Musica de Harry Fraud” and upcoming projects, to the exotic burgers discovered in Brooklyn.
Sean Price: I’m a little older than you, do you remember How to Breakdance books back in the days down at the library? Harry Fraud: Nah. Sean Price: They used to have books back in the- they used to have books like, How to Breakdance, right? And in the back of the book they would have a Hip Hop glossary. Harry Fraud: Like terms, like a Hip Hop dictionary Sean Price: Yeah, “’Fresh’ means this…” and “’Dope’ means that…” and “’Chillin”…” [Laughs]. That dude sounds like he learned how to speak from that book. Harry Fraud: [Imitating Randy Jackson] “Dog, that was dope!”
Check out the full interview and videos on HipHopDX.

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