Seen on the Streets - Obama, Bush and Snowden in Hong Kong?

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  • Following Edward Snowden’s interview with the Guardian in Hong Kong, in which Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA’s global spying program PRISM, these two large paste ups appeared on the streets by a relatively unknown artist going by OBSRVR. 

    Pasted on accordion-like shop front gates common in Hong Kong, the paste ups depict different images when seen from different angles.  The first paste up shows Edward Snowden in text that reads “FREE DOM” from one angle, and Obama with the text “FREE REIGN” from the other.  The second one shows Obama from one angle and Bush from another, both with text that read “SAME SAME,” a reference to the popular phrase “same same but different” often used in SE Asian street markets by merchants touting counterfeit handbags, watches and other merchandise.

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