Some Serious Bombing in South America: Caribes TV Volume 2

By - Friday, March 4th, 2016

Yo 12oz fam, check out this recently released video from Caribes TV coming straight out of the land of tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and exclusively documenting the adventures of the CMS crew (Comanse Mis Sobras) from Venezuela, and several other writers that took part in the making of this video. Recognizing a special “Golden Age” in this South American city.  Where the nights are cold and the streets are mean.

Here’s some incredible footage of the crew and friends crushing the  Buenos Aires metro. Just hitting train after train, I mean damn talk about bombing. Combined with classic Latin music of course. This covers them getting chased by security guards,  freaking the janitors out. Even those necessary 5-finger discount trips are a part of this.

12ozprophet reached out to the producer “Caribes TV” to do a quick Q and A.

First off, where are you guys from and what does CMS mean?

“It means Comanse Mis Sobras (Eat my left overs) and we’re representing Caracas, Venezuela.”

How many countries have you all visited?

“The countries that we’ve been to include Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, United States, Canada, almost every country in Europe, Egypt, Japan and Russia.”

Who are the main members of CMS?

“Our members include  Ins, Apl, Bain, Senk, Ray, Oit, Tuk, Smal, Rose, Point, Saner R.I.P, Keso R.I.P, Jeze, and Ira.”

How long have you all been active for?

“We’ve been active for over 12 years and we’re never gonna stop!!”

Do you have any plans for future videos?

“Yes we do we have tons of material, and we’re ready to produce. “Del Caribe con amor.” is coming up.”

Any shout outs?

A:”From the Caribbean with love!” 


The CMS crew has been previously featured on our Brick Slayer forums. Click here to peep their steez. Make sure to also follow Caribes TV on instagram. Stay tuned for more international content.

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