Should There Be A Go Bombing Day? A Day To Celebrate Graffiti, Street Art, and Sticker Art

By - Thursday, April 12th, 2012

You may have heard of Go Skating Day, officially begun in 2003, is a day for people across the world to get out and celebrate the spirit of skateboarding. Bomit is trying to develop a similar day, but instead a day for graffiti writers, street artists, and sticker heads. This day would not only be for artists to hit the streets, but as Bomit puts it, “We think this is an awesome way to start a real tradition that can be handed down for future generations to remember our fallen heroes and current living legends from the street art and graffiti worlds.” The site has already promised free paint to representatives of cities with strong graffiti scenes. However, some people have voiced their concerns that if there was a Go Bombing Day, the police would be well aware of it. To this concern, Bomit replies, “The cops are always looking for us anyway!” A date has not yet been determined, but the site has posted the steps that they are going to follow Step 1: Establish Members We shall assemble a group of like minded artists by getting members in every major city. For the inaugural year (2012) will start it off with a number of selected cities where we personally know the members. Step 2: Choose an Official Day Once we have the members established, we shall collectively decide on a calendar day on which to celebrate. Step 3: Distribute FREE Paint + Swag We shall ship paint, caps, stickers, pasters, etc. to the artists 100% FREE by our sponsors. Step 4: GO BOMBING… Members shall complete a production type wall repping Go Bombing Day for their respective city. Plus we ask that members hit up the letters “GBD” or tag the words: “Go Bombing” or “Go Bombing Day”. Early supporters include; Aerosol Warfare, Bomit,Free Stickers, London Police,Obey Giant, Robots Will Kill, The $tatus Faction,Stick Em Up, Street Art Posters, Street Art Stickers, The Site Unscene. Do you think Go Bombing Day is a good idea? Let us know in the comments!

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