SIMPLE Mobile Presents: Change Your Game

By - Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

The wireless network SIMPLE Mobile recently teamed up with Complex to find a street artist “whose game could be changed.” They called uponLevi Maestro, the creator of the street-smart web series Maestro Knows, to find the perfect person for the role. It was agreed that street artist Push was this perfect match. Known for his superb talent and humble attitude, SIMPLE Mobile and Complex worked with Levi to help Push change his game. In a four-part web series, SIMPLE Mobile will follow Levi through the streets as he works to help Push change his game and attain a goal he’s always dreamed of: developing a new kind of work that blurs our typical ideas of what street art is and what it can do. Along the ride, Levi calls his various LA Street Art connections into play to contribute their own thoughts to the project. Artists such as Alex 2Tone, Kohshin & Delfin Finley, and Manny Sayes provide their own feedback on the relevance of graffiti and why Push deserves this game-changing opportunity. To watch SIMPLE Mobile’s “Change Your Game,” visit the website and be on the lookout for future series as SIMPLE Mobile looks to help other artists–from musicians to skaters to chefs to designers–change their game.

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