Skate: A.L.Z Project / 2012 Recap

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Filmed with a cell phone during the past year, the goal was to show, from the inside, the daily life of the finest skaters from Lyon France. Shot in San Francisco, Barcelona, Grenoble and Lyon, you will see that except when it comes to skateboarding they are not serious at all. Dope tricks by Jp Villa, Steeve Ramy, Arthur Derrien, Flo Mirtain, Jesse Moine, Luka, Pierre “La Mèche” Cottanceau, Brett Cihon, Yannick Thevenon, Matt Lemier, Adrien Coillard, Nicolas “Nikwen” Huynh, Vincent “Bist” Jugnet, Alexandre Maison, Jacob Harris, Tom Knox, Mathieu “Blondin” Christin, Clement Mariage, Quentin “Chouky” Laurent, Arno Wagner, Anthony “Mayo” Maiorana, Romaric Reynaud, Antonin Paglioni, Guillaume Colucci, Quentin “Switch Flip” Joly, Theo Luquet. Filmed and edited by Guillaume ‘Colucheese’ Colucci.


Flo Mirtain,
Steeve Ramy,
JP Villa,
Arthur Derrien,
San Francisco,

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