Skate: This Intro is Pretty Sweet!

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Pretty Sweet is out now… Finally! And it’s definitely worth buying and watching over and over again. “Pretty Sweet” shows that the old Girl/Chocolate crew can rest easily knowing that they’ll be succeeded by some of the best talent out there. Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, Elijah Berle, Raven Tershy, and Cory Kennedy kill it with those young, complex tricks while doing them with the same finesse that we’ve grown to love about the Girl/Chocolate teams. Meanwhile, the spotlight was taken off of many of the OG members, whose clips were combined into montage parts. If you’ve seen Fully Flared then you will remember Guy Mariano’s comeback part was too dope; as for his “Pretty Sweet” part… You’re not ready for that. Continuing the tradition of Spike Jonze skate flicks, this video has awesome skits too. Suit skating, two celebrity cameos (you’ve seen the Will Arnett Pretty Sweet Tuesdays), and so many special effects in-between.

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Chocolate Skateboards,
Pretty Sweet,
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Vincent Alvarez,
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Stevie Perez,
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