Skate: Zoo York "The Chaz Ortiz" Video

By - Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

In undoubtedly one of the most controversial moves in the skate industry, Zoo York shaved their skate program last month leaving just Brandon Westgate and Chaz Ortiz on their team. Here is Zoo’s response to all the criticism. Any move made by a classic company like Zoo is subject to scrutiny and skate-nerd-analysis. Zoo York grew from the underground years back and rose to the top as a staple of east coast street skateboarding. If you are able to leave all the industry bullshit behind and focus on the skateboarding at hand, Chaz is on a warpath of spots and tricks. Holding it down in New York City, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and more his footage is fresh and creative. bs nosegrind sw flip to swltch – dope. This video is clear evidence that a new phase of Zoo York has begun. Is this a step in the right direction? Does the loss of og rippers like Kevin Taylor and Zered Basset discredit the authenticity of the company? Or maybe this is just the next chapter for the Zoo program and the next ten years are going to be the best yet. It is only natural that companies flux with time and revamp fresh for the season – quit hating and get your own game up!

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