Street artist Slinkachu debuts miniature street art installation photographs in London

By - Saturday, March 14th, 2015

London’s modern and contemporary art space and vendor, Andipa Gallery is featuring street artist Slinkachu with a solo exhibition entitled “Miniaturesque.” On view from March 13th to April 11, the exhibition will feature photographs of Slinkachu’s miniature street art installations, comprised of 1 inch-high figures, photographed on abandoned streets in London.

Slinkachu has been “abandoning little people in the streets since 2006,” and those little people are not mad about it. They are featured in his books “Little People In The City” and “Global Model Village,” and are the center of attention in the artist’s current solo exhibition at Andipa Gallery. They are a pretty big deal for such little people.

These lighthearted little people are, however, not merely placed for public amusement. They are Slinkachu’s artistic critique on urban society and its modern detachment from nature. These photographs are a kind of innovative return to romanticism, and its heightened interest in the natural world, with a 21st century spin. By inserting his miniature people, enacting miniature scenes, within urban landscapes throughout the city of London, Slinkachu succeeds in juxtaposing nature and metropolis. 

The Glade 2 (1)

The photograph of a girl on a “swing,” as Slinkachu would have it, depicts a girl swinging on a burnt match. The scene is oddly reminiscent of Fragonard’s 18th century oil painting, “The Swing.” And, much like Fragonard’s masterpiece, Slinkachu’s tiny installations are lighthearted and playful, capturing the spontaneity of the scene.

If you’re currently residing in London, roaming the streets or walking home from work, you’d best pay attention to the pavement and not your cellphone. You might just catch Slinkachu’s little people at work.

Andipa Gallery is located at 162 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JL, UK

Closest tube stations: Knightsbridge and South Kensington

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