Sneak Peek: Poesia Transcend "More Force Than Judgment" at Anno Domini Gallery

By - Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Poesia Transcend‘s solo exhibition opens May 4th at the Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose, CA. The title “More Force Than Judgment” is the english translation of the Italian “Piu Forza Di Giudizio.” Poesia found these inspiring words in a quote by the renaissance biographer Giorgio Vasari who was describing the work of Tintoretto. In this show, historical masterpieces are confronted by progressive, new millennium techniques of abstraction and graffiti. These paintings focus on creating a dialogue between figuration and abstraction, fine art and graffiti, tradition and progress, history and the future. A visual tension is created by juxtaposing these polar dialectics as competing pictorial elements within the composition through the subject matter, materials and color palette. In these preview photos, you can see portions of unfinished paintings, as well as detailed close ups of the techniques used. Also included are a couple paintings from the past two years that show the commitment to this body of work and the progression leading up to this show. These previous paintings give an approximation of what the new paintings look like, but from what we’ve seen of a few finished ones, the new works push the techniques and ideas to the next level and beyond. Just before the opening next week we will post a preview of the actual finished works in the show. Text: Daniel Feral Photo: Poesia Transcend

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