Sobekcis Interview with Montana Colors

By - Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Montana Colors posted an interview with Sobekcis of the Heavy Artilery crew, twins that have only been painting since 2005 but can burn with the best of them, and do! Sobekcis talk about globe-trotting from Croatia to Belgrade and London to Vienna. Here is an excerpt from the interview: How do you explain the fact that Sobekcis can be seen as a whole but also as different personalities? With Sobekcis as one name we try to illustrate the unity of two brothers working towards a same goal, but we also believe that everybody has to evolve as an individual person and artist, hence the separate tags that connect to each other both ways. Sobekcis was something that just came naturally after some time and it has been working out for us in a lot of our artistic endeavors from graffiti to design and painting. Os Gemeos always look like one body of work, but you tend to have different names, while your styles are so connected. Any explanation? The concept of twins in graffiti is not a new thing but it is rare. Our individual styles are very similar but in all honesty I can see a difference, if not directly in the piece, in the way it is painted. I can say our pieces differ from each other as much as we differ from each other physically and in our views. At the end of the day we are two people not one. What are you trying to express with your pieces? Something we always try to portray in a piece is an over all feel of aesthetic appeal and quality. As humans we react strongly to something that looks good, color wise, forms, composition, contrast, etc… We are happiest when a piece has a certain pop to it whether you’re are looking at it close up or from far away, it has to have some luring quality independent of the surroundings. Click here to read the rest of the interview on MTN World.

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