SOEMS: Priority

By - Sunday, January 25th, 2015

It’s been a month since SOEMS solo exhibit “Priority” opened at Kulturez in Boston. The pieces that were showcased were definitely not typical or what one might have brought up in conversation in anticipation for the show in the days leading up to it, which SOEMS boasted to me on a few different occasions. There were some extremely unique pieces that used some interesting and unique mediums. One of the pieces in the show, a piece of sheet metal printed with what many thought was a digital rendering of a piece, I had the opportunity to document and produce a short film on its initial process. When SOEMS introduced the concept and process behind this piece , it was something that I could not pass up the opportunity to be apart of. “As far as that piece goes, I just felt like it was for the greater good of the show. I’ve never had a solo show before and I just had the feeling of exclusivity had to be the most important factor, and to do something I’ve never done before.” 


The idea was to paint a massive burner, photograph it, buff it, and then reproduce the image onto a more permanent surface. In this case, a sheet of metal. The ephemeral qualities of graffiti greatly contributed to my initial involvement and still does to this day. Sharing that similar perception with an artist who in my opinion is redefining not only his own skills but the skills that you respect and admire in a graffiti writer made this incredibly special to be apart of.  “Dissing it had to be done as well. It was kinda like the seal of approval for me; like signing it. It all worked out because you was there doing your thing too.”

 “Priority” will run until the end of January at Kulturez, located in Harvard Square in Cambridge,MA.

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misteraven - January 20, 2015

Hi KC,

Wondering if you could possibly redo your thumbnail to get rid of that white strip up the right side? Check it out:



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