Some More On Trem From Down Under

By - Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Our recent feature on an abandoned underground parking lot in Melbourne, Australia showcased the space in which Aussie Hip Hop artist, Trem filmmed his video for a track off his recent album ‘For the Term of His Natural Life…’ Recognizing most 12oz readers stateside aren’t familiar with the Australian hip hop scene, we wanted to tell you guys a little more about this writer turned rapper from Melbourne. Not suprising that Trem gained his first taste of Hip Hop through movies such as ‘Beat Street’ and books like ‘Subway Art’ in the 80’s. He managed to cause some havoc in the graffiti scene as a member of the Australian leg of worldwide graffiti crew ‘Run For Kover’ (originating in the U.K.) before making his transition into Hip Hop music full time. Check out some of his early work below. Trem soon found himself surrounded by a group of artists that spoke the same language and together they formed what has become one of the most reputable underground Hip Hop acts in Australia known as Lyrical Commission. Collaborations with U.S. rappers such as Q-Unique and Celph Titled, the L.C. crew garnered much respect from not only their home country, but underground scenes across the globe. Last year Trem released his eagerly awaited full length solo L.P. on his label Unkut Recordings titled ‘For the Term of His Natural Life…’ which received 5 mic reviews across the board and was described as “an instant classic.” The sentiment in Melbourne from those who have listened to the album, “It’s like someone pressed the pause button on the Aussie Hip Hop game for 10 years and Trem just hit play.” The second single from the album, ‘Animal Kingdom’ was accompanied by a video that unsurprisingly came in at number 2 on ABC’s Rage Top 50 Videos of the year. Executed by the same cats from Full Clip that shot the aforementioned ‘Omega Man’ video, it’s a must see for anyone who wants an insight on the real score of the Australian underbelly. Check it out below. Thanks to Discourse for the photo and Trem for the props! Text: Lily

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