South Side Chicago: DETEL, RAVEN, NERD, BOAR, and BAKON

By - Monday, June 22nd, 2015

For your viewing pleasure, 12ozProphet presents this dope production by XMEN members DETEL, RAVEN, NERD, and BOAR, along with CT member BAKON. It’s still in progress, but this corner store is on a heavily trafficked street, the perfect place to be seen by every member of the community. There were some expected visitors, as well as a few unexpected visitors (oink), but all went well in the end. As DETEL, RAVEN, NERD, and BAKON worked on pieces in the front, BOAR noticed the wall in the back and was able to seize the opportunity to paint it with NERD. Each one of these artist has been in the game for a long time, so it was fun to watch how they put certain aspects of their style into their pieces. You could see some of the bomber in NERD as he misted his fill in with fat caps. Watching RAVEN is always mind boggling, his letters are so stylistic that even when he tells you what it says it can still be hard to decipher. Enjoy the photographs above and stay tuned for finished images of the wall, coming soon!

 For more documentation of Chicago’s graffiti scene, follow 12oz photographer @lurrkgod on Instagram.

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