“SPECTRUM” Art Show by Plasmaslug

By - Sunday, March 1st, 2015

In the past decade, Plasmaslug has been mysteriously popping into our neighborhoods overnight. It has taken Plasma many years to build his credibility in the graffiti and street art community. The 5 boroughs can now rest assured knowing Plasmaslug is holding down the block. Plasmaslug represents much more than a combination of Graffiti & Street Art. The color combinations Plasmaslug uses embraces such inspirational creativity. There’s definitely message in his art, and for me, probably sense of warmth, kindness,  innocence & overall to form a balance of Unity between any controversy the world can not agree on.

His latest onscreen debut was on the TV series Gotham, where his piece was shown on the late 5pointz, aka the “Phun Phactory.” Fans of both Gotham and Plasmaslug immediately took notice of his art’s cameo on the pilot’s premiere and gave him recognition on Instagram. His form will always be in graffiti style.

The second time I met Plasma, it was at a gallery show on the lower east side a few weeks back. As he made his way around the room, mixing within the crowd of art enthusiasts taking notice of his art; no one seemed to realize he was there. He’s not the type of person to be in the spotlight. Observing incognito is the way he prefers his celebrity and only few among the audience knew of his attendance. I had the chance to kick it with him after the show and to get to know him at on a more personal basis.

Plasma is like many of us, he is chill, humble, genuine, and an extremely passionate artist, grinding hard in efforts to make his gallery debut a success. He’s not worried about his work not selling, but rather how the people who attend will appreciate the work. For Plasmasmug, the show and his work are more for his viewers than they are for him. Additionally, he is not trying up-sell his work at thousands of dollars per piece. His work is affordable to the average-income collector.

Plasmaslug has become an icon, representing both the current street art, graffiti scene and its future ideals.

MARCH 6, 2015

Event Name: Spectrum 
Location: The Bishop Gallery – 916 Bedford ave, Brooklyn

Music: Live set: 88 Ultra of Blue Sky Black Death  w/ Child Actor

Instagram: @Plasmaslug

Instagram: @Over_NFG

Article by:
Instagram: KETCH


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