Spinelli’s All City Jam

By - Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Back in 2004, the first Spinelli’s Pizzeria opened in Louisville, Kentucky. Brian, the owner of Spinelli’s, and Mines, the owner of Identity (the neighboring graff shop) agreed that it needed some graffiti on the outside of the building. Along with this idea, they decided to have a couple art shows a year, mainly with friends of theirs who were writers. The original show was with Ether (MUL) and Heist (RA). They allowed the main writer to have a signature piece. And if there was room they had their friends from out of town or locals paint the rest of the wall. After doing so many of these art shows, it occured to them…why not have one big jam!

Last year was their first all out “jam”.  About 80 writers showed up, many of whom were from Philly. All seven Spinelli’s locations (all in Louisville but one) were used.  That’s a lot wall space to cover and have to organize. After reviewing the increased amount of submissions for this years event, they realized that they are going to need more wall space. They can only provide so many spots from their locations. So they reached out to the community to make the All City Jam exactly that, “All City”. Local businesses donated walls to make this years jam larger than last year with a total of 125 writers; 75 of which were from out of town. With that many writers coming in, that meant extra work was needed from the guys to get prepped. Before the event, Brian takes the time to prime all the walls so they are ready for the writers’ arrival. Once they arrive, writers’ check in at Identity to find out what location they are painting at. A freshly primed wall isn’t their only perk, they also receive a goodie bag filled with an event t-shirt (this years’ was designed by Mines) and a gift card to the pizzeria. That’s super dope, considering that they don’t have many sponsors and this is all paid out of pocket. The main sponsor for this years’ event was Ironlak. They supplied each writer three cans and Identity matched that with an additional three cans.

We got the opportunity to chat with Brian and Mines to discuss what they thought was the best part of this years’ All City Jam. Here’s what they had to say:

“Meeting all the writers, and to see where they came from, it’s a nice give back.” -Brian; owner of Spinelli’s Pizzeria

“I know quite a bit of graff history but not from 1972 like Part One. Meeting him was a highlight for me.” -Ben, owner of Indentity Customs

We’ve heard from the guys who put on the event, what about the writers’ perspective?

“Seeing over a 100 writers from around the country in one city coming out for the jam had to be the best part!” -Konqr TTK

“Being reunited with all my LD crewmates, since our crew is scattered across the country I don’t get to paint with them that often. It’s events like this that make it possible to paint and kick it.” Bang LD

There you have it! Freshly buffed walls, free shirt, free food, free paint and learning some history! If you weren’t there this year…YOU MISSED OUT! Get in touch with the guys at Spinelli’s to get your submission in for next year!

Special thank you to Visual Krimes for providing all the amazing photos!

And a special shoutout to Brian, Mines, Bang and Konqr.

Check em out at:


ig: @spinellisallcity

ig: @identity_customs

text by attng3tr

photos by ig: @visualkrimes

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