Isabel Lasala & Xavier Veal x Kilz x Rust-oleum x Sakura

By - Thursday, August 6th, 2015

In this series photographers Isabel Lasala and Xavier Veal render evocative imagery of the occupational hazards of graffiti writing in collaboration with Kilz® , Rust-Oleum® and Sakura®. While the dangers involved surely include more detrimental side effects, every writer knows the pain of walking around with a hand covered in overspray.

Photo May 20, 12 36 12 PM

Kilz Primer White

Equipped with our specially designed fat cap, even the time-honored flat white rust-oleum can pales in comparison to our primer white. Covers any and all surfaces in one shot.

“Most reliable spray white on the market” reports Sales Director at Art Before Oxygen, Cash4.

Be sure to visit our booth at this year’s Paint Louis event, September 13, 2015. We will be giving away an assortment of cans valued at an arm and leg.


Rust-Oleum Sunrise Red

One of the more versatile colors in our palate, Sunrise Red is the perfect can for all occasions. Whether consumers are dissing chrome fill-ins in Brooklyn or simply taking a tag on a blank van in LA, our patented anti-rust fish oil additive will make this can last up to 25 years on the good ol’ American boxcar.

Available in stores now! Visit your local Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Ollie’s for a five-finger discount.


Photo May 20, 12 38 02 PM

Rust-Oleum Black LeakSeal

Ideal for completing wet, chrome fills. Also great for painting in the rain. The often short-lived can has the potential of saving you the time you would otherwise spend watching paint dry. 

Available in stores at the high asking price of $10.97.

Photo May 20, 12 40 27 PM 

Sakura Solid Paint Marker

Beauty that never fades*, our solid industrial paint marker is the discreet option for day tags, small bar tags, waiting-in-line tags, and the occasional dead-end-street tag.

Although unavailable at Staples, you can purchase this product at Yankee Stadium prices at your local street art supply outlet.

*unless exposed to constant ultraviolet light.


All photos by Isabel Lasala & Xavier Veal

Isabel Lasala Instagram / Website

Xavier Veal Instagram / Website

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