Stae2, Seter, Uend, and Dceve Transform this Truck into a Redbird Train Under the Sea

By - Sunday, March 11th, 2012

This is an awesome truck painted by Stae2, Seter, Uend, and Dceve. The truck was painted to resemble a redbird train, one of the the preferred canvases of graffiti writers. The trains that this truck is based on were originally produced between 1959-1963. Becoming the favored surface of the subway graffiti era 1,410 New York City Subway cars were painted a deep red to combat graffiti. The deep red color was referred to as Gunn Red in honor of its originator David L. Gunn, who was the head of the New York City Transit Authority during this period. Most Redbirds were phased out from 2001 to 2003. The final trip made by a train consisting of Redbirds was made on November 3, 2003. 1,292 Redbirds have been sunk at sea off the coasts of Delaware (Redbird Reef), Georgia, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Virginia as artificial reefs to promote marine life, to serve as a barrier and to enhance recreational scuba diving. In this dope truck you could see not only a reference to the redbird trains and their colorful past, but also their present under the sea. These photos were posted in the Burners and Style thread in the Writers Forum by STYLEISKING. Click each of the images to view larger.

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