Style: Levis x Mel D. Cole x Little Dragon

By - Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Just when you thought internet shopping technology had hit its boring peak, along comes these videos below to change your way of thinking—and buying clothes. As you watch the videos featuring NYC-based photographer Mel D. Cole and the Swedish band Little Dragon. you’ll be hype to purchase their look, which happens to come from Levi’s®. That’s right—this video is shoppable, meaning there’s no more guessing how the clothes look on a real person doing real things. It’s all right there in front of you. Mel D. Cole is an internationally renowned photographer, based in New York City, with a strong connection to both urban music and the urban landscape. A self-taught lensman, he gained notoriety as the photographer of choice for music group The Roots, and his work has now been seen the world over. In the video, Mel is rocking the Levi’s® fall men’s line showing the versatility of items like the Taper, Commuter, and Sta-Prest™. Listen to Mel break down why he loves NYC, and in the process learn to love these new styles from Levi’s®. The four musicians who make up Little Dragon have been making music together since childhood, and plan to continue on this journey together for as long as they can. Right in line with the Levi’s® “Go Forth” theme, Little Dragon is constantly pushing the boundaries of sound and their own abilities. The video features new styles from Levi’s®, including the Taper, Commuter, and Sta-Prest™ lines. Get these looks now with an exclusive offer – now through October 22, you can receive 15% off your total purchase at by entering the code COMPLEX. You see how we look out for you guys?

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