Style With The Click Of A Button

By - Friday, August 5th, 2011

It isn’t quite the same as the hand-drawn alphabets and b-boy letters some of us cut our teeth on, but the Graffiti Creator site seems to be for real. Although you can’t achieve the level of detail or creativity you might be used to in ‘real life’, you can scratch the surface of what’s possible with classic graffiti techniques such as ‘stripes, waves and glaze’. The site offers 9 graffiti fonts, ranging from bubble letters to full-on wildstyle. Some of the lettering has real style, but the more elaborate alphabets have such random extensions that it’s impossible to get a good flow. Once you have chosen your graffiti font, you can use sliders to create custom colors, then go to town with all the wacky options. For those of you that fall into the ‘old-fashioned’ category, this could be frustrating. We have gone from a sacred tradition, passed down through generations and mainly illegal, to the internet age where all styles are visible on your computer screen. Now we have a website that creates graffiti for you? There is a certain spirit lost when the popularity of a thing reaches a tipping point; suddenly the world at large takes notice and is willing to accept any imitation. For the writers, graffiti is an act and a lifestyle, neither of which are available with the click of a button. Even more controversial than the site is the service. MindGem, the artist who created the site and all the fonts it contains, also sells unique designs on a site called Custom Graffiti. For just $10 per letter, you too can have your name designed in vibrant technicholor graffiti funk. Even though some would question the ethics involved, others applaud any writer’s ability to turn their hobby into their hustle (Rime has offered a similar service on his site). It’s one thing coming from Rime, one of the most influential artists in graffiti to date; but this site seems to be the work of a relative unknown. Regardless your ethical thoughts on the Graffiti Creator, it’s worth a visit to play around on the site. If the header artwork is any indication of what MindGem can do, it might be time to expand this enterprise to date; but this site seems to be the work of a relative unknown. Text by: 6Cents

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