"Sun Power" Sustainability Mural in Italy by the Kaleidos Art Team feat. Made 514

By - Thursday, June 21st, 2012

The Urban Tales Project is a large urban regeneration project to inspire youth festivities, workshops in schools, exhibitions and performing arts. The project is represented by the Department of Youth, Presidency of the Council of Ministers and by ANCI – National Association of Italian Municipalities. The Kaleidos Cultural Association won the runner-up of the section addressed to “Valuation of urban street art and graffiti” in Italy. Kaleidos Art Team worked with Urban Tales Project to form an initiative that, through the expressive power of writing as well as street art, aims to spread a sense of re-appropriation of the urban fabric of the city, and focus on the subject of neglect of our environment and sustainability. This mural, “Sun Power” came with a story, “In an era and in a land not too far away, there were two fiefdoms ruled by two powerful lords. The two lands were extended one o’clock in the north, the other south. In northern Knight reigned uranium, a giant black armor, his helmet surmounted by a small, more like a pimple to a head in size, consistently lowered the visor, inside of which came from strange fumes and greenish glow. He held his fief bound in cold iron fist, forcing her subjects to work hard to fuel nuclear power plants scattered in his country. “SUN POWER – Solar” Helios against uranium, two riders face each other.” Text: sheacote

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