Gaming: Super Time Force Out for XBLA Sometime Soon

By - Monday, March 25th, 2013

This weekend at PAX East, Capybara Games was there again and showed off a new level of Super Time Force. Never heard of Super Time Force? Well, read this article, then watch the hilarious video above. Please. For the love of God. Each level has a time limit of 60 seconds that it needs to be completed in, and players start with 30 lives. Several characters are available, and each has a specialty attack. One soldier uses a spread shot, the female sniper can shoot through walls, a dinosaur with sunglasses runs around and can swipe away bullets, and another guy has a lightsaber. Once one of them dies, you’re able to rewind time to any previous point in the level and select another character. Their actions will still play back on this new playthrough. If you’re able to take out the enemy that killed your previous life before they killed you in the timeline, you can save their life and add it back into your banked lives. What makes it fun is when you have all your characters on the screen at once taking shit out. No release date has been set for the XBLA title, but the team hopes to have it out by the end of summer, we hope.

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