Swoon launches Braddock Tiles project

By - Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Swoon has launched BraddockTiles.org, a print website designed to help fund construction of a new, hand created ceramic tile roof for a community center in North Braddock, Pennsylvania. Featuring the work of over forty artists, the site will be selling archival inkjet prints on cotton rag paper. Each print is $45 and limited to an edition of 250. Each print is signed and numbered. The editions are unique in that each image is donated by the artist, with each piece being printed, authenticated, stamped and numbered by the Braddock Tiles project. Since 2007 Swoon has been working in the town of North Braddock, Pennsylvania alongside artist collective/residents Transformazium. The work there takes the form of community-based projects, which address the role of creativity in the lives of our towns and cities. A central goal of the project is to transform and reopen a formerly abandoned landmark structure as a community focused arts and learning space. The community center will benefit both the local residents, as well as become a beacon for people from all over. A first step towards achieving this goal is to provide this 1900’s Lutheran church with a beautiful new roof, and to do it a way which provides jobs and engages Braddock’s greatest resource – its residents. The money raised by the Braddock Tiles prints will be used to fund a ceramics studio/micro factory to produce upwards of 20,000 beautifully colored, honeycombed shaped ceramic roof tiles. The dream is that the factory will continue on as a permanent part of the community arts and learning space whose roof it created, providing jobs and skills to a place whose main industry has largely moved on. Another example of her love of collaboration and community.

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