Tag & Throws Interviewed by Bates

By - Monday, January 14th, 2013

{image-1} What is Tags &Throws all about and how did it all start? Tags & Throws focuses on capturing the bombing world of today. We document tags and throw-ups from all over the world. So far we’ve been traveling to San Sebastian, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Malmoe, Stockholm, New York and Gothenburg to take pictures of the works of graffiti bombers. The plan is to travel to as many countries and cities as possible where there’s bombing and document it in the most beautiful way possible. We want to educate the world on bombing. We want to show diversity in styles and inspire bombers from all over the world to bomb more and more beautiful. We want to share our love for bombing with people that are already enthusiasts and those new to the phenomenon. {image-2} TagsAndThrows started when one of us went to NYC on vacation and ended up taking pictures of a lot of tags. Back in Sweden (where TagsAndThrows is based) all our friends loved the pictures. They wanted more. They got inspired by seeing what’s going on in the streets of New York. Their reactions to what’s been documented gave us the idea to start a website with bombing as the only focus. Not street art, not graffiti pieces, but bombing – period. 10 months later we’ve released a short documentary on legendary Stockholm bomber HNR, got 10,500 followers on Instagram, a website with focus on specific graffiti bombers, and are in the talks about being the official supplier of tags and throw-ups for one of the worlds best selling shoot-em-up video games. Why are your focused on tags and throw-ups but not pieces? {image-3} We love graffiti in all its forms, but the essential part of it is bombing. People can hide not having style when doing a piece. You ca re-do the lines, re-do your sketch, hide bad style in the mist of fades, colors and arrows. When it comes to bombing, you only have one chance to make a tag look good. Also, it’s almost always illegal, compared to graffiti pieces that often are done on legal walls. We love that people break the law to make their name famous in the streets. It’s nice to see people who refuse to obey the law and dare to make a mark on society, showing the world that you don’t have to be like everyone else Also, it’s the part of graffiti that we think is the most beautiful. You’re in NYC now – how’s the scene there at the moment? {image-4} We haven’t been in NYC taking pictures for too long, so we’re not really able to compare todays bombing with earlier years of bombing. We love it here, though. There are tags everywhere. Beautiful tags. Beautiful throw-ups. Some of the best stuff we’ve seen so far traveling the world. It was here (and Philly) where it all started and it feels good to spend time in the city. 10 weeks into our visit in the big apple, we’ve snapped around 15,000 pictures. That might give you an idea on how thoroughly bombed this city is. What’s in the pipeline for TagsAndThrows – what’s up for 2013? First of all, we’re very excited about our second video release. In our first videos we followed legendary Stockholmian street bomber HNR as he walked around the streets of Stockholm putting up tags and talking about why he bombs. Our second video release features NYC-based bomber Guns. He’s hitting up freight trains, trucks, insides of the famous NYC subway and walls around the city. We’re also looking forward to releasing our first bombing magazine, put together more bombing exhibitions, visit Milano and Praha to take more pictures and just have fun. We Love Bombing and that’s why we do this. To check out more material from Tags & Throws follow Tags & Throws on Instagram, and check out the video “Daytime Bombing with HNR” previously featured on 12ozProphet.

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