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By - Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

BTM. The Big Time Mafia, represented here by Malvo, Hitop and Arson, have been doing the damn thing for years. I mean, thees cats have been holding major cities like Seattle, SF, and NYC in a headlock for decades. Some members even went above and beyond by smacking cities like Tokyo, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. International players, man. It wasn’t always prosperous, though. Back in the late 90’s BTM almost called it quits.

It’s crazy to think about how these fools made it a lifestyle. A life of racking, getting up and holding it down. Beasts like KERSE (RIP) who truly didn’t give a shit and just BOMBED. That also goes for the other fallen soldiers. To be close to these kings like JADE and NEKST must have been something else. I remember at a gallery/show thing I asked TAKE what it’s like to be bombin’ the most. He replied, “man, just some blood thirsty..Blood Thirsty Motherfuckers!” He was faded I think, but it was awesome.

Off top I just really bangs with everything they do. If you’re reading this, why don’t you drop maybe one of your favorite members of the Mobb in the comment section below? Bless the dead and shouts to the Mobb.

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