Tag Tuesday: Jick Enue

By - Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Handstyles…I know I’ve mentioned their importance in the past, but I have to do it again. It’s such an integral part of graff culture. It’s one of the first things that attracts graff heads to the game. Strange as that is, for me, it wasn’t the intricate pieces or throwies. It was a tag on the wall that someone put up and I saw in different places that initially caught my eye. Signatures have always fascinated me and make no mistake, that’s exactly what tags are. Every person has a different way of writing a letter. Tagging takes this a step further. Lettering interacts with the surrounding space. Where a tag is placed also impacts how it is seen.

It was hot, and the sunlight was super harsh, but the sky was a beautiful blue. Perfect time to step back and take this flick. At 12ozProphet, we get super excited about tagged up gates (if you couldn’t already tell).

Be sure to check out the the Brick Slayers section in the our forums for more photos of tags and other work on walls and feel free to drop a comment below.

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