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  • Graffiti Magazine: Bizarre Beyond Belief Issue #13

    Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine Issue #13 Featuring BATES, NYCHOS, OMEN514, BIAS, BUFF MONSTER and much more...

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday June 18, 2014

  • Truck Tuesday: COD & GFR Crews

    This truck is one of our favorites rolling around the city

    ©12ozProphet - Tuesday June 10, 2014

  • 12 Questions: Bates - Copenhagen Style King

    A true master of style, Bates sounds off from his home town of Copenhagen

    ©12ozProphet - Monday April 28, 2014

  • Openings: BATES - “Still Going Strong 1984 - 2014” in...

    “Still Going Strong 1984 - 2014”, an exhibition by BATES opening Friday, March 21 at Le-Fix Gallery in Copenhagen

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday March 20, 2014

  • Video: Teenage Kicks Teaser

    Video teaser for the international art meeting “Teenage Kicks” from September 6th – October 6th 2013 in Rennes, France. Featuring: Delta, Honet, Sozyone, Vhils, Flying Fortress, Zay, Kid Crap, Kem5, Bates, Scien, Klor, Zoer, Mist, Velvet…

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday September 25, 2013

  • Preview: Back to the Style Jam, Italy

    Check these videos for the upcoming Back to the Style Jam in Naples, Italy, where some of the best writers, breakers, bmx riders, MCs and DJs of Europe come together.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday August 29, 2013

  • Video: Redouble visits The Cypher Shop in Denver

    A interview with, East, owner & operator of Denver's, The Cypher Shop.

    ©12ozProphet - Tuesday August 27, 2013

  • Preview: Bates x Kaos Exhibition at Gallery Konstart

    Gallery Konstart will be holding an exhibition of works by graffiti artists KAOS and BATES from August 1st-14th 2013.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday August 01, 2013

  • Video: Bates 'Bits and Pieces' Wall Video

    Montana gallery Montpellier shot a video of Bates as well as Smole, Mist, Zest, Eackone, and Momies all together. Video after the break!

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday June 27, 2013

  • Recap: Bates – 'Bits and Pieces' in Montpellier, France

    Check out this recap of the recent opening of Bates' Bits and Pieces in Montpellier, France.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday June 13, 2013

  • Video: Bates' Hall of Fame

    At a sand factory in Sweden, Bates' personal hall of fame has been taking shape over the course of years. Check out this amazing yard and hear his thought process behind the decade long project.

    ©12ozProphet - Monday May 20, 2013

  • BATES and Friends Paint in Celebration

    Bates is a year older as he just celebrated another birthday (Happy Birthday!). Check out the pieces him and the boys have done after the break!

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday May 01, 2013