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  • Video: 1UP X The Grifters Code – Verry Good Guys Part 1

    One United Power presents the first part of their video series Verry Good Guys. In collaboration with the Grifters, the 1UP crew have documented their daytime bombing sessions in Lisbon with the REIS crew. This video doesn’t disappoint, and features the usual mayhem you would expect from Europe’s most prolific crew; whole cars, rooftops,...

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday October 16, 2013

  • Video: Key Seventeen Chrome Edition X Epor

    This week’s Chrome Edition is a bit more chill than previous episodes, and features U.K writer Epor who takes the Key Seventeen crew to a quiet derelict spot where he paints a dub and drops a couple of tags on an abandoned hut.

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday October 16, 2013

  • Video: Earl TVC x Fresh Paint #1

    Sponsored by Fresh Paint, Earl TVC goes to work on the streets of Cali. Check out the video after the jump...

    ©12ozProphet - Tuesday October 15, 2013

  • 5Pointz To Be Demolished

    The graffiti mecca will be razed to make room for apartment buildings.

    ©12ozProphet - Sunday October 13, 2013

  • Zine Review: Over and Over

    The newest zine from Nighted Over and Over features 28 pages of full color photos of bombing shot by photographer, AIGHTY

    ©12ozProphet - Friday October 11, 2013

  • Video: Summer Love by Milf, Mono, & F-Boy

    The summer might be coming to a close, but we're not done with it yet. This video reminds us of everything we love about those hot months. Check it out after the jump...

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday October 10, 2013

  • Review: Will I Go To Hell For This?

    The three authors behind Will I Go To Hell For This collected over 75 interviews and 600 photographs to create a beautiful hardcover coffee table book that offers insight into the lives of the Danish graffiti writers who have smashed the S-trains of Copenhagen.

    ©12ozProphet - Tuesday October 08, 2013

  • Video: Mike DFM Raw Street Bombing In Oakland

    Newly released video of Mike DFM (with a brief cameo by Plan 9) demonstrates his proficiency for gritty bombing on the streets of Oakland and throughout the Bay Area...

    ©12ozProphet - Monday October 07, 2013

  • Video: Key Seventeen Chrome Edition X Sofa

    This week’s instalment of Key Seventeen’s video series the Chrome Edition sees U.K writer Sofa painting some shutters.

    ©12ozProphet - Monday October 07, 2013

  • Video: Key Seventeen Chrome Edition X YWS

    One of the best episodes of Key Seventeen’s Chrome Edition to date, this video features YWS, a crowbar, some breaking and entering and a sweet roadside dub painted in the daytime.

    ©12ozProphet - Sunday October 06, 2013

  • Graffiti: Along The Lines

    Dvrx present “Along the Lines”, a collection of photographs taken by Nic Gossage in an Aussie freight train yard.

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday October 02, 2013

  • Video: Key Seventeen Chrome Edition X Super and Orale

    Key Seventeen followed U.K writers Super and Orale under a bridge where they painted two chrome dubs for the Chrome Edition video series. Check out the full video after the jump.

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday October 02, 2013