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  • Recap: "This Side of Paradise" on BET

    BET shot a nice recap of the opening of This Side of Paradise, a unique exhibition in and even more unique space up in the Bronx. Check out the video above which features Cope2 and Indie in addition to some of the other people who made the show happen.

    ©12ozProphet - Tuesday April 24, 2012

  • Video: Cope2, Cern, and Billi Kid Paint the WFC for the Brookfield Project

    We previously featured photos of this wall by Cope2, Cern, and Billi Kid taking form, now here is a time lapse video of the completed work on the 29th floor of the World Financial Center.

    ©12ozProphet - Monday April 23, 2012

  • Dirty Pilot Presents "The 2 Truth" feat. New Work from Cope2 and Sen2

    The Dirty Pilot online gallery just launched their latest show The 2 Truth featuring new works from Cope2 and Sen2. These two prolific graffiti writers hailing from the Bronx and Puerto Rico respectively have nearly 40 works for sale including paintings on canvas and drawings on subway maps. Many of the works are reminiscent of the same energy as...

    ©12ozProphet - Tuesday April 17, 2012

  • Behind The Scenes: Cope2, Cern, and Billi Kid Rocking A Wall at the World...

    Cope2, Cern, and Billi Kid rocked out a wall on the 29th floor of the World Financial Center for the Brookfield Project which is hosting a private event for the TriBeCa Film Festival. Check out these behind the scenes flicks of the artists in action!

    ©12ozProphet - Monday April 16, 2012

  • Video: Ecko Unltd x Cope2, Askew and Superblast - Exhibit Collection

    Mark Ecko has officially returned to his graffiti roots with the new Exhibit Series which will feature collaborations with 11 graffiti artists from around the planet. Ecko Unltd has released three new promotional videos.

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday April 11, 2012

  • Photo: Cope2 and Muse 2001 Freight Train Throwback

    Cope2 posted this freight he rocked with Muse. This throwback is from 2001, around the same time the Kings Destroy video came out, when we were more accustomed to seeing similar panel pieces painted on clean train cold steel.

    ©12ozProphet - Monday April 09, 2012

  • 12ozProphet Forum Shot of the Day: Brooklyn Scrap Train Insides by Cope2,...

    Here is the 12ozProphet Forum Shot of the Day. This is an awesome shot of a smashed inside of a Brooklyn scrap train tagged up with classic handstyles from Cope2, Desa, Rebel, and many more.

    ©12ozProphet - Monday April 09, 2012

  • Cope2 Rocks The Andrew Freeman Home for "This Side of Paradise" Opening

    Cope2 just collaborated with Shepard Fairey and rocked the facade of the Andrew Freeman Home to kick off the opening of the This Side of Paradise show up in the Bronx. He gave the wall facade a face lift with his signature throwies leading up to two large Shepard Fairey Giant icons reminiscent of their collaborations in the past.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday April 05, 2012

  • Graffiti/Street Art Auction in Paris Tomorrow Follows the Success of Last...

    Following the huge success of the last street art auction in Paris, Bates posted a video that went up previewing his work along with Taki 183, Blade, Crash, Seen, Jonone, Bando, Cope2, Cornbread, Futura2000, Quik and many more.

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday April 04, 2012

  • Music Video: Dos Hermanos "Graffiti Life"

    Cope2 posted this spanish music video "Graffiti Life" from 2007 by the group Dos Hermanos. He wrote, "In the video are some trains me and Indie painted with them while out in Madrid, Spain. These brothers are straight up hardcore

    ©12ozProphet - Saturday March 24, 2012

  • Video: Aidan Has A Posse Benefit Art Auction

    This video recapping the Aidan Has A Posse benefit art auction from last November just went up featuring a variety of great artists who contributed to the event including 12ozProphet bloggers Cope2 and Chino.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday March 15, 2012

  • Music Video: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles "We Are At War"

    In a clever response to the debates in the comments of our "Cope2’s Mission to Take Out Utah and Ether" post yesterday, our friend at Fresh Paint NYC posted a link to this new video from DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles.

    ©12ozProphet - Wednesday March 14, 2012