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  • The Relationship between Flint, Samo, and Basquiat - The Writing on the...

    Jean Michel Basquiat wrote messages on the streets with his graffiti partner Al Diaz, who was influenced by an upper classman at his alma mater High School of Art and Design, Flint. Read more about the lineage after the jump!

    ©12ozProphet - Friday November 16, 2012

  • Yale University's Basquiat Book May Not Only be Missing But Also Fake

    What's a street artist without a lil' controversy? This time the controversy's involving Yale University, the late Jean-Michel Basquiat and an Al Diaz and Shannon Dawson, its almost like something out of a Judge Judy case.

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday September 27, 2012

  • Preview: JIM JOE "YES 1 2" at The Hole Presented by New York Art Department

    If you live in NYC you are more than likely familiar with Jim Joe's moniker. Tomorrow the New York Art Department is presenting a solo show of Jim Joe's work at The Hole Gallery for one weekend only. Preview after the jump!

    ©12ozProphet - Thursday May 31, 2012

  • Photo of the Day: Samo Is Dead

    Sorry for yesterdays lack of updates, we've been extra, extra busy preparing a big site update. Stay tuned. This SAMO piece really exemplifies Jean-Michel Basquiat's style of making socially relevant graffiti. Rather than just a name, he scrawled various phrases on the walls of SoHo and in turn, made the art world cognoscenti stand up and take...

    ©12ozProphet - Friday April 01, 2011